Monday, March 26, 2012

{my sofa got a paint job}

I thought I'd share my latest weekend project. I painted my $75 Craigslist couch!

Bethy's sofa on Friday: Creamish with light pink flowers and stains.

Bethy's sofa on Saturday: Green.

There are tutorials online that are more in depth than mine, so be sure to google this for yourself before trying the fast version I made up. It was 2am and I just wanted to be done!

Here is what I used:

Latex Semi-gloss paint
Fabric/Textile Medium
Scented paint additive (Glade French Vanilla)
Paint brush

I bought the scented additive because first of all, paint smells bad. Second, I bought my couch on Craigslist!

I drove all over town and used up a ton of my cell minutes trying to find enough fabric medium. A lot of time and it's not very cheap, but do not skip this step or your sofa will be crunchy. The medium keeps the fabric soft. Each brand has different directions and mine required two 8 oz. bottles per quart of paint.


    Love this green so so much!
    Have seen so many painted sofas or chairs but your`s is really the best one;)
    Thank you for sharing!
    Lovely greetings...

  2. OMg! this is the coolest thing! I had no idea you could do this without being crunchy or hard! I have a couple vintage items I was going to re-upholster but now I don't need to!

  3. That is genius! I love it! I have a chair which could totally use a little paint! I might give this a try!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Your newest follower,
    Kaitlin-The Not So Simple Housewife

  4. Just saw this on MadeByGirl. Wow! You are one brave girl! I never would have thought of this or had the guts to try it. You ROCK! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy Weekend,

  5. WOW, looks awesome! And I LOVE your striped floor!

  6. Oh Holy Everything! I´m so inspired!
    I beg you to tell me how this puppy behaves in useage? The color doesn´t bleed to clothes at all? I´m so glad I just found your blog and favored it so now I´ll be lurking most avidly. The thing is, I have one sofa nad two matching armchairs that are mostly handmade, with sturdy woodframes and they would cost a kidney and an arm to have reupholstered. But they are so good to sit in. However, I simply can´t see me sitting on pink roses- way too grantastic but now I see them in all kinds of browns and ... paints. That I could do. Do shed your pearls of wisdom on this subject!

  7. Ok, this is AMAZING! Seriously, I can't believe it's the same couch! I always knew paint was the greatest thing since sliced bread but holy crap, now it's even better!!! I love your whole room too; you have awesome style!

  8. Awesome job and it's gorgeous! Great tutorial too! I love it!

  9. great idea. I was wondering how it could be done without being crunchy and now I know Fabric Medium is the secret. I have a sofa I've been wanting to reupholster but I'll try this 1st. If it doesn't work out, well no harm done. My one question is why semi-gloss and not flat or eggshell?

  10. This is such a great DIY. I hope you don't mind but I've reposted it over at

  11. I found you over at Made By Girl and have to say I love this DIY! Your sofa is gorgeous and I love the colour you've chosen. The rest of your apartment is fairly incredible too :)

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments! :) I'll have to add the photos from the DIY striped floor soon.. that was a huge job!

    @WeirdRockStar: Nope, the color doesn't bleed at all. And at first the fabric was a bit stiffer feeling but after sitting on it a bit, it's back to normal. Good luck with your furniture!

    @retropian: I wanted the fabric to look kind of shiny or leathery looking instead of flat or plain fabric:) I love the look!

    @Beth: Thanks for reposting it!

  13. I would love to try this on orange crush velvet, any ideas how it would go?

  14. Looks awesome! I may share this on my blog if you don't mind... I have quite a few examples on my blog and a tutorial...

  15. Hey there! You did a great job...can you tell me what brand of textile medium you used?

  16. I just wanted to let you and your readers know that I posted your chair on my page with examples of painted upholstery! It seems you may have used my method? I linked right to you so they could find more information on your blog. Hope you don't mind.

  17. wow amazing i will have to do this to my sofa xxxx

  18. I like the ASCP but I don't get the coverage most people get. I've also had issues and had to prep on some items. I think it's a fine paint but I don't use ot exclusively. It's another tool in my box. candy paint