Friday, February 1, 2013

{ Minnesota Getaway }

                                                                                   Source: via Eden on Pinterest

This past weekend my husband and I took off on a mini 4-day trip to the middle of Minnesota. It was a much needed time of relaxing and doing nothing... I even shut off my phone! Our agenda consisted of drinking cocoa, sitting in front of the stone fireplace, trying to eat half of all the food I brought, and taking drives along the countryside looking for cute cabins and farms. We also found a cute carriage to take rides in. It was perfect. Except as usual, we got excited to come home and start a new project thanks to HGTV. We were thisclose to tearing into the house when we got back. Here are a few shots from my iPhone. Edited with Afterglow.

What are your favorite getaways? 


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{ 2012 In Review }

Hello all,

 If you even find this post, I will be impressed. It has been months and months since we last updated our cute little blog. Partially, it is my fault. Actually, I will blame it on my husband. He proposed, we got married and everything else became completely unimportant in all those little happy details!

 But we are back and ready to share a few highlights of last year in photos. Thank you, Instagram,  you have become my organized photo journal.

Year 2012 in review: 

 January was spent tucked inside tidying up the house and moving around furniture... basically I was trying to see if my house looked weird, you know, since Brett was flying in from NJ.

February brought our entire family to South Padre Island where Brett & I spent our first Valentine's Day together. We had so much fun with the family.. great memories and photos!

In March, I flew to New Jersey to visit Brett's family. We toured Pennsylvania and drove around Lancaster with his grandparents. I fell in love with his entire family!

April: Brett surprised me by moving here early. I literally stared at him and looked back at my phone. I thought I was texting him while he was in NJ.. who on earth was this guy asking to sit here with me? ;) April was warm enough to start shooting again, and little house projects were done much quicker with Brett around!

In May, we spent a lot of time at the lakes and a lot of time at the farm doing shoots.

In June, Brett proposed at the lake with a vintage gold engagement ring <3 
Brett's parents flew in and we had hay rides at the farm and trips to the lakes with them. Brett also tore into the upstairs bathroom and added a much needed shower for me. Try washing your hair upside down in the tub for 1.5 years. Not sure how, but I was even more in love with him after this!

In July, we took a trip to Duluth for our friends' wedding. Jared & Michele and the 2 of us walked up and down the beaches and filled up our Instagrams with beautiful photos! We. Love. Duluth. Brett also became my 2nd shooter for weddings.

August was busy. Brett & I flew to NJ to see his family. His mom threw me a gorgeous bridal shower, we went hiking in the Poconos and spent a day in NYC. We also celebrated both of our birthdays and I worked hard shooting double the normal amount of photoshoots so I could close down and prepare for our wedding in October. Imagine the relief when September 1st hit, only to recover fast and quickly start on the wedding prep.

 September.  I closed Eden Photography down and spent our last day at the lakes before we got down to wedding business. Brett was away for 3 weeks training for his new job and Annie & Michele threw me a cute shower out in the farm yard. Mom and I went on a road trip collecting junk treasures for the wedding and then we spent the rest of our time at the farm making barnwood tables and other pretty wedding things!

October was finally here! The month started out beautiful. Then it decided to snow the day before our wedding and rehearsal night we shivered in the barn waiting for our turn to walk out into the sleet and wind! We started finding sweaters, mittens and blankets to hand out the next day but we were blessed with a perfect fluffy cloud and blue sky day. We had a beautiful day surrounded by our family. We honeymooned in Vermont and then flew to Vero Beach island in Florida!

November: I reopened Eden Photography and Brett surprised me with the iPhone 5. Brett and I finished the kitchen we tore up the day after getting home from the honeymoon and it snowed just in time for a cozy Thanksgiving at the farm.

In December, we celebrated our house's 100th birthday, recreated our first date over a root beer float, and went skiing with the family! Brett took me on a secret road trip and my photography was featured in a magazine. We also printed a giant stack of wedding photos and we were caught 
smooching in the local paper;)

We had a wonderful year in 2012 and we're so grateful for all the new friends and family we have. We are incredibly blessed and so excited to see what 2013 brings. 
Happy New Year!