Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{15 Minute Donuts}

 Sorry for the little break there, I really am. You'll forgive me right? oh good. umm...oh hey, look! Donuts!

  My original plan was to make these for Jared's birthday...and then I was going to make them before a little road trip the next night. And then I was going to make them Tuesday. And then I made them Wednesday. But anyhooo...I've made them twice now. I did it for you guys because I'm selfless like that. They're easy, amazing, and you'll eat them so fast you don't have to worry about them sitting around your house tempting you to eat them. That's good, right?   

  Here's the link to the amazing blog where you can find out how to make your very own (thank you, Pinterest!)

  Also, if you think to yourself, aw man, I'm out of vegetable oil...I wonder if canola oil will work? It won't. Don't do it. Believe me. And, cinnamon sugar is always better than just plain sugar. The end.

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