Monday, January 23, 2012

{I didn't really love today + 5 things}

So I (Michele) was hoping that my first post would be something fun and exciting. You know, like a recipe for some amazing cake I whipped up last night or how I transformed our catch-all office into an amazing guest room over the weekend. happened and I spent a majority of yesterday and today doped up on cold meds. But, don't you worry. What I DO have for you is the one picture I took and a list of randomness that the DayQuil will let me think of. And please don't let this scare you off, I promise we have more exciting posts in the works. Really, we do!

1} When husband tells you to take a nap, listen. I mean really. Naps are generally a good idea anyway, but when you're told to take one, why would anyone say no?

2} I love you, Trader Joe's...but your tissues stink. My toilet paper is softer than that stuff. Poor little nose.

3} Our church celebrated 25 years yesterday! More on this in a later post...but I do want to say I love my in-laws so much for the sacrifices they've made these last 25 years. The Lord has used them to change hundreds of lives, including mine, and I can't wait to see how He continues to use them!

4} I love North Dakota and her -40 wind chills...I really do. Yep. But I also really love Texas and find myself daydreaming about the summer clothes I get to wear in 3 weeks.

5} ummm...I keep thinking about number 1 still. I'd better go be a good wife. And the DayQuil is calling to me...


  1. I love you Michele! You are so silly! I look forward to the next posts from this blog! YAAA!!

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